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Local businesses adds to line of practice with help from Capital Growth Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs

Local businesses adds to line of practice with help from Capital Growth Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs

With views of the beautiful South Saskatchewan River sits The Psynergy Centre. Inside is Annie Anderson’s space, where she specializes in not mainstream, but, traditional healing.

After working as a paramedic for 20 years, Anderson still felt a calling to support people in their healing journey and was drawn to return to her healing roots of Reiki and other energy healing practices. She opened The Energy Medicine Clinic to share her wealth of knowledge from both working in emergency services as well as an abundant amount of time-honored healing.

The timing felt right for Anderson to invest in materials to build her Rejuvenation Station. It includes a heated bed with a mat that’s filled with over 1,000 amethyst crystals to support healing from inflammation, physical and emotional pain, and immunity building, just to name a few benefits. After doing research on the Qest4, Anderson knew it was another therapy practice she needed to add to her line of services.

Using the Capital Growth Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs loan she applied for and received from Community Futures Entre-Corp, she officially added these resources to her clinic.

I could not have done this without Community Futures. I don’t know if I would have the success I have now without their support. I know I would have success in other areas, but the momentum this gave me is unbelievable. I am very grateful,” says the business owner.

Qest machine

With the Qest4, Anderson can practice BioResonance therapy — a person holds two handles, and the machine sends a signal through the body and evaluates imbalances and stress points. If it comes back with an imbalance, she applies the balancing frequency onto a patch or offers a liquid matrix for clients to take. It feels like the time is very right for Anderson to offer this. She can also use this to support cats, dogs, horses, birds, and cows.

Community Futures was very helpful and receptive to talk to. Especially when I’m talking about frequencies, and energy medicine isn’t a mainstream conversation piece. They were very open-minded, which is lovely,” says Anderson. “Having actual pen to paper to finish a business plan for the application was very valuable for more than just receiving the money. It was important to have the business plan itself.

Anderson wants people to know how powerful they are and that their belief and willingness to trust in themselves contributes to their own healing. For example, if someone has broken a bone, a surgeon helps put it back together. But when the staples and stitches are removed, their body creates new bones and cells, and they need to appreciate that they have a magnificent amount of contributions to their healing.

They are the ones who do the healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and we need to give ourselves more credit during our healing process. I don’t fix people. I give them information and tools to use in their own healing,” says Anderson.

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